Influence People. Don’t Judge Them.

Luke 19

Sometimes we think that judging people or telling them all about their faults will make them do better.  I disagree with this way of doing things.  I’m so thankful that when I was acting very foolishly I was still loved and did not receive harsh judgment from my loved ones.

Sometimes all we need is love and a positive influence to change us.  Sometimes just being around someone good can change you.  No judgments, no pointed fingers, no hollering voices needed.  Just the influence of someone good can make all the difference.

Most of the time when we do wrong we know we’re doing wrong anyway.  What good is pointing the finger?  Yes, we all need feedback, instruction, and more than anything encouragement.  We need feedback in love.  Feedback given from anger or frustration won’t get the job done.

I was reading this story in The Bible that amazed me.  Luke 19 tells the story of Jesus crossing paths with a sinner.  When Jesus got in the sinner’s vicinity he called him out by name.  As soon as the sinner got in the presence of Jesus he said “Look, Lord!  Here and now I give half of my possessions to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount.”

How is this for being influenced!  Jesus did not have to rebuke him, point the finger at him, or even tell him about his wrongs!  He was so affected by simply standing in the presence of Jesus that he immediately got his self together!

I love this.  This is the impact that Jesus has on us.  I believe that we should all pray more and work harder introducing people to Jesus.  Once Jesus infiltrates a space there’s no way it will remain the same.

Stop judging, start influencing.

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