Emotions: Don’t Trust Them

Emotions are powerful, yet they can be very misleading.  Emotions cloud our vision, distorting what we see.  This is why a person can give us feedback regarding a situation we’re in, yet they see it completely different than we do.  Our emotions are to blame.

Emotions try to take over, leading our every move.  Emotions should not lead us.  We should lead and rule our emotions, not the other way around.  Emotions are not always logical.  Wait, emotions are very rarely logical.  They are very seldom rational, so why do we let them control us?

Emotions try to weaken us.  Sometimes they give us power, yet sometimes they steal our power.  They make us feel like doing this, but not doing that.  They make us feel like victims, like we have no control.  They discourage us, depress us, they’ve even led some to suicide.  Emotions can be so deceiving.

Emotions contradict our values, morals, and philosophies.  They tell us to go here, when our mind says go there.  They tell us to do that, when the law says no-no.  They tell us follow him, when we know he’s no good.  Emotions cannot be trusted.

Emotions are a part of our soul, they are a part of us as human beings, they will always be a part of life; but they should not lead us.  They are not always trustworthy, and they can lead us right into destruction.  Be cautious when dealing with emotions- They are not always to be trusted.

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