Book Review: “The Ties That Bind” by Brian Holmes


Just finished this book today and it was a very necessary read for me.  Honestly, it was not a very easy read!  Some books are easygoing and fun, while others go a little deep.  This book definitely goes deep- it pulls things to the surface and forces you to face them.

The book focuses on soul ties.  According to the book, “Soul ties are formed through relationships, connections, and covenants we make throughout the course of life.  These ‘connections’ tie us to people, places, churches, and other entities, and they can dramatically affect our lives.”

Of course the book is focused on revealing those negative soul ties in our lives; some we may not even be aware of!  The author wrote that all of us are dealing with some form of a soul tie.

There are many different types of soul ties.  Some that he discussed were: relational, sexual, and covenants/agreements- All very powerful in their own way.

Let me share a few passages straight from the book:

– “It is impossible to reach your future while being tied to your past.”

– “Their souls are connected in a way that prohibits them from discovering creativity and achieving the momentum and power to successfully move forward.”

– “We must come to a place of honesty and transparency, as individuals, and allow God to begin to reveal to us the way of change.”

– “As hard as we try, we remain incapacitated by soul ties that handicap our lives and prevent us from reaching our destiny.”

– “What my life produces in the natural is a direct result and outcome of what my spirit and soul have conceived and given birth to.”

– “Soul ties will allow us to succeed to a certain point in our life, but never beyond a certain point- ever.”

– “We have to become free and whole- body, soul, and spirit- if we are going to go where God wants us to go.”

– “If you find yourself interested, tempted, pulled towards, or attracted to certain things you know, as a Believer, are not pleasing to God and are not in accordance to God’s will for your life, you are likely dealing with some form of soul tie.”

I will stop here, but I hope that you were able to get a grasp of soul ties and how detrimental they can be to our future.  I get it and I will be dealing with mine.  Yes, I have a few of my own that I need to face.

For more information on the author or to buy the book, click here.

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