My New Journal!


Check out my new journal!  I bought it at Wal-Mart a month or so ago for only $3!  I’m super excited about it because a new year is right around the corner and this is the journal I’ll be bringing the year in with!  Hmmmm, does this mean I will be ‘soaring’ in 2014??  Maybe so.  🙂

The first picture is the front cover of the journal and the second picture is of the actual writing sheet.  I’m thrilled that each piece of paper has a picture of an eagle on it.  Every day I write I will see a picture of an eagle.  I just love it!  A visual encourager!  It also has the elastic strap that keeps it closed.  This will be helpful for me because I tend to put notes/paper in my journals.

If you don’t know much about the eagle, you should check out my eagle post!  Click on the animals tab.  But, while you’re here let me share a few things about the eagle:

* The eagle is a symbol of power, courage, and majesty.

* The eagle is the national emblem of the United States.

* Female bald eagles are usually larger than males.

* Eagles have exceptionally keen eyesight.

Noowwww, do you understand why I’m so happy about my new journal?!   🙂

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