Don’t Give In!

I believe we all have battles to fight.  People come against us and we don’t always understand why.  I believe it’s even worse for those that are striving for the top.  Stop and think about the lives of some of the greatest- Oprah, Abraham Lincoln, or Joyce Meyer for example.  Each of them have life stories that will bring us to tears.

Success does not come easy.  Reaching destiny does not come easy.  Anything worth having won’t come easy.  It’s easy to read those phrases, but it’s much more difficult to live them out when the obstacles come.

We have to stay focused, keep our eye on the prize, limit distractions, and keep a select few around us that will cheer us on.  We all have enemies, we all have battles to overcome.  Just don’t give in.

Even when you are doing your best, someone will call you pitiful.  Even when you are generous, someone will call you stingy.  Even when you are loving, someone will call you a hater.  Don’t listen.  Do your best, stay focused, and move on.

Keep your eye on the prize, remind yourself of your goals and your dreams.  Close your eyes and vision what you’re striving for.

Don’t listen to what they say about you.  Do you, live your life, keep striving for the top.

(I hope you enjoyed reading this, although it was a note to self.)  🙂

Now that I’ve encouraged myself with my writing, let me go study for my finals.



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