10 Thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast”!


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST”!  Oh my gosh!  I just watched it with my daughter, and goodness I just love it!

I’m the type of the person that internalizes and thinks about everything, so let me share 10 thoughts that I have on “Beauty & The Beast”!

1. Love will make a way.  Even when it doesn’t look like it could be, true love will prevail.

2. Some people can really look the part, yet they are not the one.

3. Appearances tell very little.  Sometimes the greatest character can be hid by an ugly face.

4. Beautiful women are beautiful inside and out.

5. Beautiful women read.  (Giggles)  🙂

6. Beautiful women are bold, gentle, loving, smart, and outspoken.

7. Some men need to be taught how to love.

8. Women have to be patient with men.  Men need to watch their tempers.

9. Some women fall for anything.  If the man is fine, they will fall.  This is stupid.

10. Women get chosen by men.  We only reply.

Hope you enjoyed!  WATCH THIS MOVIE!  It is a must see for ummmmm EVERYONE!  🙂

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