Life Changes


Sometimes we all hear things that hurt us.  Things we thought we’d never, ever hear.

Life changes, people change, hearts change, and the words they speak change.

Don’t be surprised when the way they treat you changes, it’s a part of life.

Everything changes.  Interests change, motives change, expectations change.

Just because they used to do that, don’t always expect it.  Expectations change.

Situations, priorities, responsibilities change.  Just because you were a top priority before does not mean you will always be.  Priorities change.

Thoughts change, cares change, love changes, life changes.  Just because they cared before does not mean they will always care.  Cares change.

Expect change, embrace it.  It will come regardless. Don’t let any change break you.  Just get ready for change.  Life changes.

This change won’t break you, neither will the next one.  Remember, life changes.  Expect it.

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