It’s my family’s fault I’m like this..

June 15th, 2012 092

Yesterday while spending Thanksgiving with family it hit me.  They are the reason I always strive for and expect the best.

Example #1.  After dinner yesterday we were discussing me getting an iPad and I was explaining how I was torn between the Surface and the iPad.  I explained how the Surface is cheaper.  They then began to emphasize how you pay for what you get, and my cousin even said “If you get the iPad, don’t buy it at Wal-Mart.”  She said to get it at the Apple store to make sure I get the real deal, and she also praised their amazing customer support.

Example #2.  I have tons of designer purses and I’m thinking I’ve only purchased maybe ummm 2.  My aunt has always just given me really nice bags!  For my graduation in May she gave me a really nice DKNY bag.  I’m still carrying it.  Actually, ummm I need a new purse.  Will someone buy it please??  🙂

Example #3.  This one I remember vaguely because it was a while ago.  I was looking to buy a new car and I was telling my uncle about a particular car I was looking at and he said something along of the lines of buying a ‘brand name’ car.  I’m not exactly sure what I was looking at but obviously it wasn’t good enough!

Example #4. My cousin flew me to New York just because.  She was up north working and wanted me to come so she bought the ticket.  Amazing, amazing experience.  Life changing actually, and she just did it.  No big deal, no hidden agendas, no hidden motives.

I’m sure I can come up with more examples, but I will stop here.  You get the point.  So if you look at me and wonder why I always strive for the best or why I expect the best- Just thank my family.

I thank you family. Love you guys.  You all are a part of the reason why I expect the best.



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