Friends: 10 Things About Friends!


The year is coming to a close and as I’m reviewing my journal I’m seeing a lot of notes on friendship.  I have to share them!  These are my pastor’s words- Bishop Gary McIntosh at Transformation Church.  Enjoy!

1. Right relationships = right results.

2. Wrong relationships = wrong results.

3. You cannot accept advice or guidance from someone whom you are unequally connected or yoked with.

4. People that want your approval can’t be your friend.

5. We all could be only 3 relationships away from our destiny.

6. If you can’t pray or read The Bible together then you are not friends.

7. Most people have only 3-5 friends.

8. Friends should contribute to our lives.

9. If you’re a Christian, people in the world should not be your intimate friends.

10. Find friends that are going in the same direction as you!

I believe it’s very easy to build relationships with the wrong people.  Our friends impact our future more than we sometimes realize!  Good friendships bring us good things, good times, and good experiences!

I hope this helps someone in regards to their friendships!  🙂

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