Happy Thanksgiving!!

thankful (600 x 600)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Good morning world!  Happy Thanksgiving to all!  I woke up this morning feeling rested, refreshed, at peace, and most of all THANKFUL.  I pray that everyone has a very Happy Thanksgiving, and most of all I pray that our hearts are THANKFUL.

Although we should always be THANKFUL and aware of our blessings, this is definitely the season to consider all of the things that we have to be THANKFUL for.  So here I go!

I am THANKFUL for: GOD, life, new opportunities, new days, abilities, family, love, friends, MARAYA, MARAYA, MARAYA.  Lord, thank you so much for Maraya.  The role she has played in my life is second to Jesus’s!  I am THANKFUL for the Earth and everything in it.  The world is ours.  I’m THANKFUL that I’m not limited to only a portion.  I’m THANKFUL for freedom and for the opportunity to be educated.  I’m THANKFUL for a home, food, a car, a bed, clothes, and shoes.  Many, many people do not have these items.  I’m so very THANKFUL.  I’m THANKFUL for hope and a future.  I’m THANKFUL that with God ALL things are possible, and my past does not dictate or control my future.  I’m THANKFUL for forgiveness- forgiveness from God and people.  We all mess up and I’m THANKFUL that forgiveness and love can cover all faults.  I’m THANKFUL for my church and the life-changing teaching that I’ve received over the years.  I’m THANKFUL for favor.  Some things just happen in our favor and I’m so THANKFUL for that.  We don’t have to work for everything.  I’m THANKFUL for laughs and fun!  I’m THANKFUL for music and dancing, oh and writing!  I’m sooo THANKFUL for writing!  Thank you Lord for revealing my gifts to me.  Thank you so much.  I’m THANKFUL for the ability to think, reason, and understand.  I’m THANKFUL for beauty and intelligence.  I’m THANKFUL for wisdom.  I’m THANKFUL for animals, the sun, the oceans, the trees.  Our world is beautiful and I’m THANKFUL for that.  I’m THANKFUL for fashion, dresses, mirrors, and lip gloss!  They make living so much more enjoyable!  🙂

I will stop here, although I could go on and on and on.  I am so THANKFUL for life- THANKFUL to be alive today.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!   What are you THANKFUL for??  Please share!



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