This is a question I believe we should all ask ourselves.  The answer to this question will reveal where we currently are in life, and it will assist us in making necessary changes so we can get to where we want to be.

I just asked myself this question and immediately 2 things popped into my head.

1- Faith.  I want to be known for my great faith.  Great faith in God, because I have grown to understand that he is the key to everything I need and everything I want to be.  Faith in people, because I believe that we can all go a little further than we sometimes think.

2- Love.  I just want to love!  I want to love God, love others, love my children, love my husband!  I want to love my work, I want to love the Earth.  I want to be oozing with love!  🙂  I want to love my life.

I’m encouraging you to ask yourself this question.  Be honest with yourself and compare what you may be currently known for to what you’d like to be known for.  It’s very possible that they may be very different!  Know that all changes are possible.

Sometimes people like to tie us to those negative things that we may have engaged in or done, but always know that we NEVER have to be tied to anything negative.  We all have the potential to move past any negative situation!

I believe we all have it in us to be known for great things.  Just like MJ is to basketball and Billy Graham is to Christianity, we all have the potential to be known for something incredible.  Maybe it’s cooking like Paula Dean or even just speaking like Oprah.

Think about it.  The possibilities are endless.  What do you want to be known for?

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