It’s Been A Week Since I’ve Written Anything!

Wow, just looked at the calendar and realized I haven’t written anything in a week!  This saddens my heart!  🙂  But seriously, I prefer to write something every few days. 

The semester is coming to a close and my workload has been heavy!  This week I wrote a 10 page paper and then gave a 6 minute presentation over it.  I haven’t even had a chance to do my hair!  I seriously need to show it some love.  I would post pictures, but I don’t want to embarrass myself.  🙂

Anyway, let me clear my mind and share a few things…

– Thanksgiving is 6 days away!

– I’m pleased that I’m making good progress with my Christmas shopping.  Today I bought my daughter the Kindle Fire tablet that I wrote about a while back.  Check it out on the ‘shopping’ tab.  She’s going to be a very happy camper!

– I have been in a very thankful mood!  Church fed us a great dinner Wed, and then my apartment complex fed us another meal yesterday!  Also, today the weather is bad here in Tulsa and I’m thankful that I have a comfortable job inside with heating.  It’s getting nasty out.  What are you all thankful for?

– Sometimes the very thing that people love about you will be the same thing they try to strip away from you.  This can apply to a variety of situations.  Think about it.

Well, I just wanted to check in!  I hope that everyone is having a WONDERFUL FRIDAY!  Smooches!

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