Do You Ever Think About…

People that don’t have access to clean water?

Mothers with HIV but have no other choice but to continue breastfeeding their babies?

Families that do not have a car and have to walk the streets with their children?

People that are in prison for life for doing something that others have done, but didn’t get caught for?  Or maybe people that are in prison but wrongly accused?

Children that are being abused and neglected?

Families that are unable to feed their children?

People that live on the streets?  What led to this?

Ok, I will stop here.  Not my intent to depress you, just some things to consider.  The reality is that there are a lot of hurting people in the world.  Hurting much more than we could ever imagine I’m sure.

We can all try to become more considerate, more loving, more prayerful, more giving.

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