3 New Quotes!


I just added 3 new quotes to my quotes page!  Check them out:

  • “As long as you are a consumer, you are a beggar.  You must become a producer.  We must learn from the lessons of the Japanese.”  – Camille Cosby
  • “Dream the biggest dream for yourself.  Hold the highest vision of life for yourself.”  – Oprah Winfrey
  • “A man is free when he sees himself for what he is and not as others define him.”  – James Cone

The first one I love because in America we can be overly consumer driven!  I really appreciate Camille’s insight!

The second one is pretty direct.  WE MUST ALL DREAM!  As long as I’m alive I want to have a dream.  I heard the Christian rapper P-Dub say “If they don’t laugh at your dream it aint big enough.”

The third one is so significant to me because most of the time as humans we define ourselves based on what others have told us about ourselves, or even our material possessions.  Both of which can give us very inaccurate definitions of who we truly are. For me, my spirituality has been key.  Thank you Lord for showing me myself.  We all have an essence of who we are that other people can not reveal to us. 

Hope you enjoyed!  Check out all the other fascinating quotes from very admirable people on my ‘Quotes’ page!


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