I Feel Closer To Law School Than Ever Before

Growing up I can only remember 2 things that I wanted to be-  a teacher and a lawyer.  I quickly threw out becoming a teacher when I learned that they made no money, but I didn’t really set my sights on becoming a lawyer because I felt it was too far out there.

I didn’t even know a lawyer!  Growing up it’s hard to set your sights on something that you personally know nothing about.  I never felt qualified enough to become a lawyer.

I don’t feel that way today.  Today I feel closer to actually becoming a lawyer than ever before.

I started attending RSU 3 months ago and have already participated in several speaking presentations- 2 of them being debates!  Oh my goodness, I would’ve never thought I’d enjoy it so much!  I’m pretty good at it too!  🙂

I can disagree with someone and express this without getting angry.  I actually love critically listening with the intent to disagree and argue (I probably do this more than I should anyway).  🙂

I love being the center of attention, people looking at me, being influenced by me and my words.

Yes, I feel closer to law school than ever before.

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