4 Things We Should NOT Make A Habit


So, yesterday I was looking at someone who wears red lipstick every single day and I actually don’t even notice it.  There’s no pop to it anymore, it’s just there.

This got me thinking.  There are some things we don’t need to make a habit..

1. Make-up.  Not only does consistent make-up wearing lose its “Look at me, I’m pretty” effect.  I also think it’s damaging to your skin.  Some people can’t walk out of the house without caking make-up on, and I don’t think this is healthy.  Look into skin care treatments and products so you don’t feel it’s necessary to wear make-up every day.  We should all feel pretty without make-up.

2. Asking for things.  We all need help from time to time, but if you’re constantly asking people for things you may need to reevaluate yourself and your life.  We should all strive to give more than we receive.

3. Shopping.  Now, I am a woman and I do love shopping, but it should not be a habit.  The times in my life when shopping was a habit, I was very self-centered.  Instead of shopping, try spending time with loved ones, or anything else creative.  If you must shop, shop for someone else and not yourself.

4. Eating junk food.  We’ll all indulge in our favorite junk foods or fast food restaurants, but it certainly shouldn’t be a habit.  Not only is it bad on our bodies, it’s also bad on our budgets!

I’m no expert, just wanted to share a few things that were on my mind!  Hope ya’ll enjoyed!  🙂

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