3 Of My New Favorite Things!


We all know that new things make life interesting, so let me share a few things that I’ve recently gotten into:

1. Red lipstick.  I’ve never been a lipstick wearer- I’m a lip gloss girl!  But I had to buy red lipstick for my daughter’s final football game and so of course I had to play around with it and I am liking it!  I don’t use much, I put a little on, then lip gloss on top and BAM!  you’re good to go!  Makes a big difference to my look and it gives my lips a nice red, natural tint.  Of course the more you use the more dramatic of a look you’ll get.  Be easy ladies.  I bought the Wet n Wild brand from Wal-Mart and it was under $2!

2. Vaseline.  Oh my goodness!  No one ever told me how wonderful Vaseline is!  I use it all over, especially on my lips!  Makes your lips super soft!  I actually prefer it over lip gloss.  It just feels so smooth and natural, and obviously it is good for your lips.

3. Glide.  My cousin just took a job in Philadelphia so she encouraged me to download the app Glide.  I am addicted! She sends me videos while walking the busy streets of Philly and New York.  I sent her videos while walking on my college campus this am.  I stay pretty busy during the day so Glide makes it fun and easy to stay connected.  Much more interactive then text or picture messaging.  Makes for a fun day!

Try out something new!  The little things can make a big difference!  Let me know of anything else you guys have gotten into lately!   🙂

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