A Love Bond

Yesterday 1 short text to me, I reply 1 short text back.

That’s it.

Where are we headed?  I don’t know but it doesn’t look bright and I’m not sure I like it.

How did we get from there to here?  Well, we know but wow how strong is our bond?

They say you can’t brag about strength that hasn’t been under pressure.

Without a test how do you know what you have?

I want a bond that nothing can break.  A bond that neither of us will let go of.  A bond that we will both fight for.

I want a love worth fighting for.  A love that makes me say “I wish you would.” Or like Beyonce said “I don’t know much about fighting but I’ll fight for you.”

That’s what I want.

With whoever may be the one, this is what I want.

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