10 things on my mind..

Hey readers! 

First of all, thanks so much for connecting with me on my site!  Sorry I haven’t wrote much lately, life’s been a little challenging!

I want to keep you interacting with Margo so let me release my mind by penning some thoughts:

1. Life is not easy- Only the strong survive.  (T.D. Jakes said this on a YouTube video I watched today- “Only the strong survive.”)

2. I worry too much.  I am totally a Martha!  (Read Luke 10:38-41 if you don’t know about ol’ Martha.)  🙂

3. I tend to be a perfectionist.  This is not healthy.  I read this today “If we have perfectionist tendencies we can stress out over control slipping away or we can learn to embrace Christ’s control.”  LORD HELP ME TO STOP THINKING I’M IN CONTROL!  🙂

4. I tend to be critical and I over-think things!  This ties back to #4, thinking I’m in control!  I’m learning that I am NOT!

5. I believe you can love 2 people @ 1 time.  I feel you Chris Brown!  Haha!  🙂

6. Laughing makes you happy.  It’s healthy for us.  I need to do it more.

7. I love my teeth.  Wait, I love teeth in general.  I’ve referred many people to my orthodontist.  Now they always give me free teeth whiteners!  Need an orthodontist?  🙂

8. I love T.D. Jakes’ YouTube videos.  They always change my entire mood and focus.

9.  OH!  I love T.D. Jakes!  I’ve read many of his books and attended his church!  Actually, I need to write about that!  🙂

10.  Writing makes me happy.  I feel happier now than I did when I began to write this!

I am so thankful for everyone who is connected to my site!  You all give me someone to write for!  🙂


2 thoughts on “10 things on my mind..

  1. WOOOWWWW! It’s so good to finally meet you! Hahaha.. Seriously though I meant what I said earlier. And YEESSSSS! What do you think about “Blue & Blue, LLC.”?? Sooo, I guess that means we have to ‘make’ ourselves before we marry. I think the power is in the Blue. 🙂


  2. Margo, i had no idea tht we have sooooo much in common. Perfectionist and white teeth and oh yea over thinker….and imagine we are both DESTINED to be ATTORNEYS!!!


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