We’re All Waiting


I read a devotional today titled “Profitable Patience” that got me thinking.  The reading focused on waiting- specifically waiting for God.

 It discussed how we are always waiting for something.  It listed the following examples: “We wait in lines; a teenager waits for his or her next birthday; we wait for job promotions; we wait for news from the doctor; we wait for the next meal; we wait for our future spouse..”

 Life is all about waiting.  We’re all waiting for something, but this has me contemplating HOW we are waiting.  Are we angry, depressed, stressed, worried, or sad?  These natural feelings may occur, but it is definitely not healthy for them to remain dominant.

 We must accept the fact that we will always be waiting for something.  We must know that even when we get what we are waiting for, we will then be waiting for something else.

 Let’s get happy waiting.  Let’s get excited and actively wait expecting something good.  Let’s change HOW we wait.

 Consider this:

 Psalm 27:14 “Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”

 Examine yourself to evaluate how you are waiting.  Be strong and wait!

Remember, we are all waiting for something.  Let’s all become ‘better waiters’.

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