Book Review: “Mom & Me & Mom” by Maya Angelou



“Mom & Me & Mom” by Maya Angelou reeled me in and would not let me go.  It was an incredible read.  I gasped for air at times, almost cried, and was left speechless at points.  With the exception of 2 chapters, I read this entire book in 1 day.

The book captures the journey of the relationship between Maya and her mother. Her mother sent Maya and her brother to live with their grandmother in Arkansas while Maya was only 3.  They then reunited with their mother in California while Maya was a young girl.  Over time, their relationship developed and blossomed into something extremely beautiful, delicate, and strong.

Maya Angelou does a beautiful job of conveying her mother’s genius, courage, wisdom, and motherly love; while also telling of her failures as a mother.  Never before have I read about someone and fell in love with them so quickly, despite their wrongs.

The book is very real and full of extremes.  It helps the reader to appreciate human beings, in all of our forms.  From drug addictions to abandonments, you are able to see realness and love throughout all of the heartaches.

The book glides through the different stages of Maya’s life.  From being abandoned as a little girl, to speaking Swedish in Europe, this book will take you on an adventure while keeping you wondering what’s next!

The vocabulary was outstanding!  Simplistic yet descriptive.  It put my dictionary app to work!  Typically, I’m annoyed by this, but not this time.  I was anxious to learn- anxious to learn precisely what she was conveying.  She was clear, articulate, expressive, descriptive, and honest.

This book was an amazing read.  An amazing author, an amazing story, with amazing language- Maya Angelou had an extraordinary mom and has lived an extraordinary life.

Click here to learn more and/or purchase the book.

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