Meet An Amazing Thinker & Speaker: Stefanie!


Stefanie is my neighbor at work and I absolutely love her!  We’ve had some pretty stimulating conversations so I decided to bug her with a few random questions.  You know me.  🙂

 Margo:   What matters most to you?

Stefanie: My husband and my family.  They mean so much to me.

 Margo:   Anything else?

Stefanie: Well, if I’m really thinking then money.  Everything costs money.


Margo:   What doesn’t matter to you?

Stefanie: Looks, fancy things.  Things that cost a lot of money.


Margo:   What is something you’d like to do one day?

Stefanie:  I want to own property.  I already own a house, but I want to be a landlord.

I hope ya’ll enjoyed getting to know Stefanie!  She has so much substance, much more than I can share with just a few questions!

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