Take a break from the day!

Sometimes it’s necessary to take a break from the day.  Some days are easy and great, yet others require much more from us.  So much goes on within a day- various decisions, roles, emotions, settings, and so on.  Some days are extremely demanding with so much to get done!

Some days make us cry, some days make us scream, and some days make us want to quit.  We can’t give in though, we must press on.

How do we do this?  Take a break!  Relax, refocus, and gain perspective.

Here are a few suggestions:

– Stop and enjoy ice cream.  No rush, take a break, enjoy.

– Meditate.  Close your eyes, relax, and focus on good things. (God, things you’re thankful for)

– Dive in a book.  A few pages can make a big difference.  You may even read something that will lift your mood.

– Drop by your favorite place.  A park, store, restaurant.  Anywhere that gives you a good feeling.

– Call someone.  Good conversation is good for all of us!

– Listen to your favorite song.

– Take a nap.  Naps can refresh and reenergize us.  Rest is good!

I hope this helps!  Let me know of anything that you may use to ‘take a break’ from the day!

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