I am IN LOVE with this book!


Oh my goodness!  This book is amazing!  Ok, I’m a reader.  I read something practically every day.  I love reading, BUT some books are superior to others!  This book is definitely above average.

It has me in awe!  It’s made me cry, stop and digest the information, and practically tell everyone in conversation about how good it is!  Yes it’s that GOOD! 

Let me share a few points from it:

– Those who succeed in life cannot ignore their hearts, minds, and souls.

– Take appropriate risks.  There is very little growth and reward in life without taking risks.  Avoidance of risk if the greatest risk of all.

– Successful people do not hang on to bad stuff for long.

– New things that actually have hope for the future cannot appear until you get rid of what was taking up space that the new thing needs.

– He discusses how we are often afraid to go after our dreams because of the amount of time it takes.  There is an example of a girl who wanted to be a lawyer but never went after it because of how long it takes.

His response to her was brilliant- life changing for me.  He said “Three years from now will come.  Period.  It is not optional.  It is going to come and pass and you will be here.”  He said, “The question is what do you want your life to look like on that day?”

I have never thought about time in this way!  I absolutely love it!  This principle will definitely stick with me.

I hope you enjoyed this preview!  I’m just about half way through and I just couldn’t hold it.  I had to share.  🙂

In case you couldn’t get all the info from the picture, the book is “9 Things You Simply MUST DO to SUCCEED in LOVE and LIFE” by Dr. Henry Cloud.

Read it!  I am pretty confident that it will change your thinking (and ultimately your life) in some way!

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