2 Things College Does To Us


Aug. 12th was my first day at Rogers State University in Claremore, OK and since then I’ve already completed 2 group projects where we’ve presented information to the class; 1 persuasive speech where I’ve proposed that the legal drinking age be raised to 25; I’ve participated in class discussions around the stereotypes that north Tulsa carries; wrote a 4 page paper on a communication theory that states that minority opinions are not as openly and confidently shared as the majority opinions are; and I’ve conducted research on prostitution to gather evidence that both supports and rejects prostitution!

Pretty intense for only 1 month and 7 days!  Today while in class, I thought of 2 things that college does to us.  Let me share:

1. College develops public speaking skills.  Writing and speaking are foundations to a sound education, and college courses demand these 2 basics.  College requires you to speak in groups, often presenting information to your professor and peers.  This frightens everyone, but the more you do it the more comfortable you become.  I have been required to share my thoughts in class as well as prepare arguments to persuade my class.  College requires you to think, research, and speak- often forcing you to speak in front of a group.

2. College helps open your mind.  For starters, college tends to take us out of our comfortable and familiar environment.  The people, communities, requirements, and of course assignments force us to expand our thinking.  We interact with various personalities, students and professors, and the way we relate to others will significantly determine our success at college and in life!  We’re also exposed to a lot of information and theories.  Some we agree with, some we don’t; but we respectfully receive it.  College helps develop listening and thinking skills vs. rejecting and shutting down to viewpoints we don’t necessarily agree with.

Hope you enjoyed!   Please share your thoughts!  What else do you think college does to us??

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