Expression: College

It’s 12:40 am and I’m still up and going.  Today has been quite a day.

I cried today.  I prayed today.  I meditated today.  I was encouraged by my friends today.

I started a good book today titled “9 Things You Simply MUST DO”.  I also cried a little while reading it.  🙂

I came to the realization today that I must setup something to remind myself of my ultimate goals.  I need a reminder of why I am sacrificing today.

I’m sacrificing sleep, money, time, relationships, enjoyment, relaxation.  I am uncomfortable.

I need to remind myself.  Constantly.  Right now life is not necessarily fun.  Or even easy.  So I need to remind myself why I’m working so hard.

Education, Purpose, Stability, Information, Achievement.  Getting my education now will pay off later.

It’s not easy though.  Sacrifice is not easy.  I’d rather be sleeping now.  But I will sleep later.  I need to prepare for my speech tomorrow.  🙂

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