Step Away

Sometimes we have to step away, so things can work out.

We have to quit working, and let God do his work.

Sometimes a step back can move us a step further.

Letting go can also mean gaining.

Stepping back always feels like a loss, but huge gains often come after huge losses.

Take a step away and rest.  Rest your mind, will, and emotions.

Resting boosts productivity.

Take a step away, chill.  Creativity is at its best when we’re rested.  Not stressed.

Step away, let it go.  What God has for you will not change because you step away.

Trust more, work less.  Step away.  What’s yours is yours.

Step Away.

Fear keeps you holding on to something that needs to go.  Let it go.

Step Away.

Confidence and security can step away.  Insecurity needs to hold on.  Insecurity will hang on to anything.

Step Away.

We are not in control, stop working so hard.  We are not in control, what will be will be.

Step Away.

Trust, love, rest.

Have faith and pray.

Step Away.

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