Go After Your Dreams At All Costs!


Most of the time the present doesn’t support us in reaching our dreams.  We have to fight.

We have to stop, prioritize, and make effective decisions.  Decisions that will move us forward.

I don’t believe in stopping.  We should be progressive, producing, striving, increasing.

Sometimes none of our options are great.  We must think critically and make the less-worst decision.  🙂

I received my associate’s degree in May and had no intention of stopping.  I knew I wanted to continue on to receive my bachelors, but life has begun to work against me.

In July I was in a pretty bad car accident and I am still without a car.  I considered putting school on hold- but something wouldn’t let me.

On top of that, the school that I now attend is in another town.  30 minutes away.  Thank goodness I live by faith and not by sight.

There’s more!  My finances have been a mess!  Using credit to rent cars so that I can get to school.  I have to handle business. I don’t believe I’m supposed to just stop and give in to my circumstances.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I work 40 hours a week?  Or that I’m taking 9 credit hours?  Or that I’m a single mom?

Listen.  The point of this post is to encourage.  We all have barriers.  Every single one of us has to OVERCOME to WIN.  That’s the whole concept of winning.  We prepare, decide, act, and overcome the opposition.

I’m in it to win it.  I’m built to win.

We all are capable of winning.  Do whatever is necessary and go after your dreams!  🙂

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