It’s so easy to subconsciously place your life in someone else’s hands.

We trust, rely on, and hope that others are looking out for our best interest.

Sometimes they are, sometimes they’re not.  Sometimes they’re not even making the best decisions for themselves.  So why would we expect them to make the right decisions for us?

We must always take control of our lives.  Logic, not emotions must rule our decisions.

Emotions are unreliable.  They make you feel good, yet they can ultimately destroy you.

They are ever-changing, inconsistent.  Our decisions cannot be based on unruly emotions.

We must step out of the box, out of the situation, and just make solid, well-thought out decisions.

Decisions drive our lives.  Decisions determine success.  Decisions determine failure.

Decisions even determine heartache.

Decisions are the foundation of success.  We must not make decisions that are detrimental to our growth.

Decisions must move us forward, not backward.  Decisions that keep us at a standstill are not good decisions.

Decisions that keep us in neutral are probably decisions that have not been made.

Decisions require thinking.  Maybe some feeling, but mostly thinking.

Decisions determine destiny.

Don’t place your life or your decisions in someone else’s hands.

Make your own decisions.  Decide what life you want and make decisions that will get you there.

Life is all about decisions.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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