If It Weren’t For God


I’ve had an amazing day today spending it with family, friends, and God.

Attended the morning and evening service at church, and I feel overwhelmed with goodness.  Good thoughts, freedom, praise.

Right now I’m blasting “Thank Him” by Deitrick Haddon, praising God, and dancing in my mirror.

Can’t help but think back how I was before God came into my life.

If it weren’t for God I would not care about people.  I would be very insensitive to the needs of others.

Now I pray for people and I cry when I see others hurting.  That’s not Margo.  That’s God.

I want to help.  I intentionally do good things for others.  Before God I was completely consumed with myself.

I see everyone as equal.

Before God I would identify the worth of someone by what they owned- their dress, their car.  Things that can be so misleading.

Now when I date I want to know 1. Do you love God and 2. Do you have a winner’s mind.  Everything else will come.  I don’t care what kind of car you drive.

If it weren’t for God I’d be wild and out of control.  Now, I think about the long-term implications of my decisions.

To sum it up, if it weren’t for God I’d be self-centered, arrogant, and reckless.

With God I am loving, gentle, understanding, and full of vision.

Thank God.

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