Consider this: ‘Gullible’

Me and a friend were discussing the word ‘gullible’ because someone told her that she was gullible.  Some things are not very easy to swallow, yet they are very necessary to ponder on.  We all need to hear those things about us that are not so great.  If we’re never made aware of our weaknesses, how can we ever improve?

 So, let’s take a closer look at ‘gullible’.

Gullible = Easily deceived or cheated.

Synonyms of gullible = Naïve, innocent, simple, green.

Antonyms of gullible = Discerning, knowledgeable, perceptive, wise.

The antonyms of a word are always so interesting to me!  They paint a clearer picture of what the word is NOT so that you can gain a deeper understanding.

The next time someone labels you something that you may not necessarily like, take a step back and gain understanding.  It may help you to grow and become better!

Be open.  Don’t be gullible, be knowledgeable!

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