Zebras: This Is What I See In This Picture


2 zebras- beautiful, unique, distinct.

Strong, fierce, their own.


Black, white, beauty, closeness, intimacy.

Personal, patterned, intricate, intertwined.

They are so close, they seem as one.

They are close.

I see strength.  I see love.  Passion.

I see power.  The male is strong.  Fierce.

The female.  I see strength, confidence.  She’s also fierce.

Her fierce is under his.  He overpowers her.  She lets him.

She is alert, looking straight ahead.

He’s subtle.  Looking, but hard to pinpoint his focus.

She’s direct.  She’s strong, yet she’s close to him.  Staying close.

Love, passion, beauty, strength, unique.


I love this picture.

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