10 Thoughts About Life Before I Go To Bed


1. To reach success or destiny, you can’t give up.  We all have obstacles, but you have to be strong and press on.

2. Take the good with the bad and keep going.  There is a time for everything.

3. Love people more than things.  People are the most important part of living and the most valuable asset on Earth.

4. Be grateful for what you have!  No matter how little you have.  Appreciate it.  Take care of it.  Don’t complain.

5. Remember that someone is going through a more severe struggle than you are.  It can always be worse.  Be thankful for your own problems.  They are small compared to other problems in the world.

6. Talk to your kids.  Teach them.  Prepare them for life.  Tell them to expect hard times.  Build up their character, thinking, discipline, and responsibility.  Don’t give them to many things.  Pray and help them discover why they are here.  Tell them they can accomplish anything and that you will always support them.  Remember that our kids are a reflection of us.

7. Slow down.  Life tries to speed us up and keep us busy.  If we move to fast we miss important moments.  We are exactly where we should be.  Enjoy the moment and the people in it.

8. Acknowledge God. He created everything.  He created us.  Don’t take the credit for your successes.  You could easily lose everything.  We are not in control.  No matter how much we want to be or even think we are.  🙂

9. Recognize your weaknesses. It’s okay.  We’re all humans.  No one is perfect, although a lot of the time we expect perfection from ourselves and others.  Face your weaknesses and don’t correlate them to your identity.  We are all wonderfully made.  Yes, even with our weaknesses.

10. Reflect!  Reflect on the day as you end it.  What did you accomplish?  What could you have done better?  What should you have done?  Do you need to apologize for anything?  Do you need to forgive anyone?  How far have you come in the last year?  10 years?  Learn from history.  Use it to make tomorrow better.

Life has definitely moved me to a place of slowing down, re-focusing, and truly reflecting on myself, my faith, and what truly matters in life.

This site allows me to share what I would normally just write in my journal.  I hope ya’ll enjoy!



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