Transparent: Be Transparent


Transparent= Free from pretense or deceit, easily detected or seen through, readily understood.

How many of us are truly transparent?  How often does pride stop us from sharing something?  How often do we stop ourselves from doing something because of how it may make us ‘look’?  Or what about this one “What would they think of me?”

Think about it.

So much of what we do is not an accurate representation of who we truly are.  The world pressures us in ways that we don’t even recognize.  Media, music, and our culture all influence the things that we do.  It influences how we think and in turn how we behave.  Ultimately, it influences who we are.

Sometimes we are even addicted to the approval of others.  Most often we don’t even realize it.  We want to give people what they expect from us, even if it’s not who we truly are.  We want them to smile and always agree with us.

We don’t always have to agree or conform to what is around us.  Actually, most of the time we shouldn’t.

I think we would all be amazed at how much we could truly impact and encourage others by simply just being ourselves.  Being transparent.

Reflect upon this.  Try it out.  Make gradual steps.  Take your mask off.

Open up, trust yourself, get to know yourself, become comfortable being you!  Show the world who you truly are.

Be confident in who you are.  Be transparent.

4 thoughts on “Transparent: Be Transparent

  1. WOW! Thanks Tony! That’s deep. I always love your thoughts. And yes I agree with you, it’s not easy at all! Personally, I am not all that transparent. For 1 I don’t like to burden people with my issues; BUT I am learning, growing, evolving. I am becoming more transparent! I’m getting free from being addicted to approval, moving into just being MARGO!


  2. I know I comment often or your posts, but wanted to tell you how much I truly enjoy reading what you have to say. This one in particular. I hope alot of people are able to read this blog and take note of the gravity of your words here. I couldn’t agree more with this. I am certainly guilty of being translucent or opaque at times in the past, but have made a conscious effort to be transparent. At first its not easy, like any you change you make in your life. Anyway, great point Margo


  3. So true we hide who we truly are just attempt to satisfy others…….you are doing a great job I love reading your posts . Keep it up


    1. AGREE! It’s sad that we have done things a certain way for so long that it’s hard to even recognize what we’re doing! Awww, thank you so much for your support. 🙂


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