Share Your Story!

Yesterday while working, I had a remarkable conversation with a customer.  He began telling me his story, and it wasn’t long before I had my pen in hand taking notes.  < I work on the phone so he couldn’t see me.  🙂 >

He told me how he went on a long term water diet to lose a lot of weight.  It worked.  He lost a lot of weight, but he almost died.

At the hospital, the doctor told him that he had only seen one other patient whose sugar was as bad as his.  It didn’t look good for him.

Against the medical reports, he lived.  He is alive and his diabetes is not as bad as expected.

As he was telling me the story and providing me with all of the details, all I could say was “amazing.”  The story was incredible.  Miraculous.  Packed with lessons.

Here a few things that I walked away with:

 * God may rescue us and save our lives, but there are always consequences to our actions.  This is unavoidable.  The man now has diabetes and also has issues with concentration.  Before the incident, his concentration and memory were assets.

* We only get 1 body.  We must always consider how our decisions of eating, drinking, and other activities may affect our body.  Think long term.  Some damage can’t be undone.  Also, as we get older our bodies lose strength.  The customer was in his 60’s and the doctor told him that if he was younger he may have been able to get away with it.

* Our strengths become our weaknesses.  He told me how he was that guy that would always challenge his friends, outdo them, and compete with them!  He always wanted to be the best!  He recognized that his strength contributed to his downfall.

I was very moved by this story so I just had to share it!  I am so thankful that he opened up and shared his story with me!

We all have learned lessons that we should share with others to prevent them from making the same mistakes.  We must first see the lessons within our experiences and then share them.

Share your story.

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