Scripture For The Day: Psalm 66:10


Psalm 66:10 “For you, O God, tested us; you refined us like silver.

The 2 points that I get from this are: 1. God does test us.  2. Tests refine us.

The keyword for me in this scripture is refined.  It caught my attention and I knew that I needed to get a full, clearer understanding of the word refined.

Refined= Freed from impurities, well-bred, free from coarseness and vulgarity.

Reading this made me smile and definitely gave me more appreciation for the scripture.

Then, I looked up synonyms of the word refined.  They are: cultivated, polished, civilized, elegant.

That made me say WOW.  I was encouraged and immedidately had a perspective shift in regards to the tests that I have personally been facing.  I smiled, thinking to myself “I’m getting polished- becoming more elegant.”  🙂

Life itself is a test, and as long as we’re alive we will be tested.  Hopefully, this scripture will help you face and pass your tests while telling yourself “I’m getting refined, polished, and will be more elegant.”


Sources: The Holy Bible- New International Version &

2 thoughts on “Scripture For The Day: Psalm 66:10

  1. Great study on this verse! I love reading the Bible. When you go a bit further with the word “refiner” in the Bible, you’ll note that the refiner (God) uses fire to melt His creation into something beautiful. Fire = scary = a holy and proper fear of God. We need to be in awe of Him as He prepares us to be used for His glory.


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