My Haircut: “I’m Falling More In Love With Myself”



I FEEL free, different, adventurous, BOLD, confident, pretty, and fun.  I feel like everyone is watching me- even when they aren’t.  I am more focused on my face and my natural, beautiful features.  My eyebrows are defined and standing out.  I feel like I’m living.  I am experiencing a new experience & new experiences make life worth living.  I care less about hair.  I love the style and I also know it will grow back.  I want to give away clothes and get new ones. I feel less attached to things- temporary, replaceable things.  I want to thrift shop for different pieces- bright, bold, fun, unique items.  I’m motivated to get cute each day.  My haircut has me feeling like a new woman.  I’m falling more in love with myself.

Why did I cut it?  I was originally motivated by Meagan Good in the movie “Think Like a Man”.  I debated for over a year!  I viewed pictures on Yahoo! of Megan Goode, Monica, and Fantasia; and then I talked to people who cut theirs.  Their attitude was always “IT’S JUST HAIR!”

Finally, I asked my beautician Rashonda Taylor @ Taylor and Co. should I do it and she said “You’re pretty, you can do anything.”  This was my final push toward going through with it!

Next step?  Deciding who would cut it.  I had a few options, but my cousin Vena Norwood is a stylist in a shop so ultimately I decided on her. She felt comfortable doing it and I knew I would be comfortable talking through the process with her.

It was a SUCCESS!

Yeah, I’m falling more in LOVE with myself.

2 thoughts on “My Haircut: “I’m Falling More In Love With Myself”

  1. Love your New Cut Girly!!! A while back I cut mines in to the “Halle Berry” haircut back in the 90’s. Their attitude was the same as mines, it’s just hair it will grow back healthier. Go Head and Have Fun with it!!!


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