Inspiration: This Week I’ve Been ‘In Tune’ With My World


This week has been a very inspiring week for me.  I’ve been very receptive and sensitive- receiving, internalizing, and observing everything around me.  Things that I typically wouldn’t fully receive, like art and conversations, really moved me this week.  It seemed as if I was fully in tune with the world. 

Let me give you a few examples.  During a phone conversation with my grandma, she mentioned me opening up a clothing store, which she has done before, but this time I actually received it.  I began to envision the store.  I saw specifics.  I even thought back to a business plan that I created for a clothing store.

 Then, this morning on the way to work I cried at a stoplight.  I pulled next to a car that was driven by an older woman with 2 young children in the backseat.  Their windows were down, and the older child, whom appeared to be around 9 years old, was fanning a baby in a car seat.  I looked at the temperature on my car and saw it was 90 degrees.  I then looked back at the car and at that moment the driver rolled her window down a little bit more.  My heart filled with compassion for them, especially the children in the backseat.  I wondered more about their life.  I also began to feel very grateful- realizing that there are always people in more difficult situations than me.  To have air conditioning in your car is a blessing.  Wait a sec, to have a car is a blessing in itself.

 I had to stop and even ask myself “Why was this week so different?”  I thought back through the week and it began on Sunday while watching Lifeclass with Oprah and Pastor Joel Osteen.  This lifeclass focused using “I am” statements.  They spoke of the power of words and how whatever follows “I am” will come chasing you down. 

 I remember that night I was really focused and ready for the week.  I have a board on my door where I write myself notes to focus on, and this week some of the things I wrote were “I am so full of faith and peace- Jesus” and “I am inspired by the world around me (people, places, things)”.

 Finally, I read these two quotes today which finally urged me to write about how I have felt this week:

 1. “Take up one idea.  Make that one idea your life- think of it, dream of it, live on that idea.  Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone.  This is the way to success, that is the way great spiritual giants are produced.” – Swami Vivekananda (Indian spiritual leader)

 2. “Successful people have formed the habit of doing things that unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.” – Dr. Pam Popper (Nutrition expert)

 I hope this has inspired you to slow down and observe the world around you.  The world is full of inspiration- Just receive it.

2 thoughts on “Inspiration: This Week I’ve Been ‘In Tune’ With My World

  1. The world is full of inspiration indeed and thx to your blog i get a little extra inspiration each time you post……….THANK YOU MARGO


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