My Friend: Unlike A Friend I’ve Ever Had


He pushes me closer to my purpose- without even knowing it.  He always makes me feel good- just the sight of him makes me smile.  He uses words like arrows that shoot straight to my heart.  He is direct, precise, open, articulate, intelligent.

He’s honest.  Telling me the truth even when I don’t want to hear it, or when it may hurt my feelings.  If it’s something I don’t want to hear I may not talk to him for a few days, but that’s max. I come back because I value truth above emotions.  He is the truth.  This is unlike any friendship I’ve ever had.

Conversation with him is incredible.  The other night I snuck and wrote something down that he said.  I never want to end our conversations.  There is so much power in him.  Much more than he even recognizes.

He describes me with words that are extraordinary.  A single text from him today included all these words: insightful, intelligent, wonderful.  Yep, that’s how he describes me.  Constantly.  He constantly tells me how amazing I am. Yes, he uses the word amazing too.  How could I ever fail with him in my corner?

He is expressive, affectionate, gentle, yet rough when needed.  He is a man.  There is so much to him.  He has just the right combination of everything.

He understands me.  I can be me without explanation, he just gets me.  He appreciates and values me.  He values what we have.  He encourages me to stick to my values, even if it doesn’t benefit what he wants.  He’s said “I care about you more than what I even want right now.”  He’s sincere.  Looking directly into my eyes when speaking.

I could go on and on about him- how he makes me feel, how he adds value to my life, how great of a friend he is.

He’s a very special friend to me: Unlike A Friend I’ve Ever Had.

6 thoughts on “My Friend: Unlike A Friend I’ve Ever Had

  1. Need I tell you to treasure him, for friends like that are really beyond price and we are fortunate if we have even one person like that in our lives.


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